Per my contract I paid Alliance Coach $700 for their techs to go through the coach checking and correcting issues. I asked various people about this charge and got weak sketchy answers.

I waited 2.5 hours for the tech to walk me around the coach explaining things. He apologized several times for having answers because he was put on this coach a beginning of shift. After 45 minutes I was expected to understand how everything functioned. I pushed switches nothing happened....

we will fix it was his answer. I asked how this & that worked....his answer I don't know. I asked if everything was checked and functioned; if tire pressure was checked; if propane was checked. The drive to Louisiana was rough with the slamming/banging/ wondering on the road.

I knew the coach had problems. I bought a quality air gauge to find the tire pressures were over inflated & under inflated. After correcting the pressure, the ride was still rough indicating air bag and shock problems. Driving through the Mississippi rain the passenger wiper assembly flew off.

After parking in a RV park, I discovered the heat/air conditioning did not work. After many calls to Alliance techs, I was expected to play mechanic in the dark with 23* F weather coming. The 2 purchased Walmart electric heaters saved the day. The furnace came on during the night on its own accord.

I tested the 3 air conditioners at that time & they also were working. As for the air bags I found a chassis shop which called Monaco manufacturing in Oregon. The Firestone system software on a certain computer when hooked to coach adjusts the 10 air bags. (the software cannot be put on just any computer).

At this time Alliance and Monaco are the only 2 shops to have this equipment. Only one person in Oregon knows how to operate it. Why didn't the Alliance shop check the air bags? The road worthiness of the coach is questionable and unsafe.

What did the $700 paid get me? Venture on the road, discover problems and get them repaired with phone calls & me playing mechanic......another used car salesman story.

Product or Service Mentioned: Alliance Coach Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Lying about service.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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